Internet use for achieving major transparency of the Government and the EU integration

Skopje, December 03th 2009

The use of internet and other new information technologies, besides traditional media, allow major transparency in Governmental working and society’s democratization. They open new channels and include citizens in decision making processes. This fact was pointed on the final day of the fifth international “” conference.

Minister Ivo Ivanovski, in his speech stressed that Macedonian citizens have an open access to governmental information and services. That gives them possibility to participate in democratic society building though the process of e-Government concept building, which was already started and has noted the first success. However, he added that much remains to be done. The Government will develop tools for effective public debates and participation in democratic process and decision making.


- Lower corruption, major transparency and increased information security in exercising rights and obligations are the first expected results. The e-Government concept will not only represent a support in administration work, but will also become a significant factor for sustainable development for the whole society, said Ivanovski.


For Isabel Guinel from the French Embassy, there are three possible developmental pathways in application of new communication technologies: reconstruction of classic media and their orientation toward the internet; web radio explosion, which offers information in real time and remarkable increased reliance of new media on governmental, social institutions and associations, for the fact that they are forced to change and adjust working ways and strategies to respond to the actual needs.

According to Guinel, the internet is particularly impressionable for exact debates, local and global issues, as well as exchange of ideas for a short period. She underlined that application of new technologies is also a particular challenge for the EU, in both terms of fast civil mobilization, for issues that affect basic rights and freedoms, and enlargement of European Union with Western Balkan countries.

According to the monitoring in the negotiation progress by chapters, there will be a technical change in the practical procedures for the Western Balkan countries, which are in EU integration process. The question for internet access will be also opened. The bloggs will have a particular significance for consultations with European citizens. The European Commission developed whole series of available resources, like panels for example, which are very important for the enlargement process. The fifth international “” conference, this year was entitled “I media”. It was organized by “Metamorphosis” foundation and supported by the Program for decentralized cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and the French region Lower Normandy. Macedonian and foreign representatives from all social sectors, concerned by application of information and communication technologies in local self-governance participated on this conference.