By the end of January, all teachers in Macedonia will have a portable computer

Skopje, December 18th 2009

Today, the Minister of information society, Ivo Ivanovski and the Major of city of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski awarded portable computers to the professors from the Building School Centre “Zdravko Cvetkovski” in Skopje. In this occasion, the distribution of 22 000 lap tops for the teaching personnel in elementary and high schools in Macedonia became official.

The distribution of the lap tops in all schools should be completed by the end of the next month. 1874 of the computers are intended for professors in high schools in Skopje. Every professor will officially own a notebook, which can be carried to work and at home and on which he (she) can prepare the educational programs and contents. Besides internet, notebooks are equipped with outputs for videobim and printer.

- With the 22 000 lap tops, Macedonia became the first country in the world that gave computers to all educational workers. The lap tops are modern, functional, very powerful, simple and portable. Primarily, they were purchased to modernize teaching processes and to facilitate the preparation of teachers’ lessons, outside working hours. The goal is to raise the level of Macedonian educational system and to emphasize the professors’ creativity, said Minister Ivanovski.

The project costs around 250 million denars. Last year, 12 000 professors from secondary high schools passed the trainings. The trainings for teachers from elementary schools are next to follow.
When the project “A computer for every child” was launched in 2007, 100 000 computers were purchased (for students in all high schools and for one third of the elementary schools). Additional 65 000 were purchased, which served to equip the remaining elementary schools. 

Starting from the second term, pupils from elementary schools will utilize computers, which will be distributed by the end of January. In that period, the installation of electricity will be finished. According to the report of the Ministry of information society, 8 to 9 percent of the computers distributed in the schools were damaged.