Deputy Minister Mucunski addressed at the SIGMA event: The Principles of Public Administration (Baseline Measurement Report)

Skopje, 11th of March 2016

Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration Timco Mucunski addressed at the presentation of Country Baseline Measurement Report on Principles of Public Administration, within the event organized by SIGMA(joint initiative of the European Union and the OECD). The achievements and future challenges that lie ahead with respect to reforms conducted in 2015 were presented at the event.


Mucunski thanked Karen Hill, Head of the SIGMA Programme, for the support in terms of coordination in the reforms and expressed satisfaction, because the preparation of a new Strategy for Public Administration Reform 2015-2020 has already begun.


Deputy Minister referred to the measures and activities taken by the Ministry since 2011 in terms of public service and human resources, the overall legal framework, accountability, service delivery to citizens and businesses. He pointed, among other things, to the Register of public employees that has been established, adoption of the Law on Free access to public information, the new Law on administrative procedure, etc.


”We are aware that the economic growth and country development depends on the quality of public administration, meaning that is well organized, optimal and professional, also vocational, competent and politically neutral. A quality administration is service - oriented, transparent and accountable ", Mucunski said.



Ministry of Information Society and Administration