International Conference on topic "ICT in Education"

Skopje, December 10th 2008

Fourth International Conference on topic "ICT in Education" organised by Foundation for Sustainable ICT Solutions "Metamorphosis" takes place Wednesday in Skopje.
The conference is devoted to exchange of experiences, good practices and ideas for future activities on increase of level of development and efficiency of the system in primary, secondary and university education.

Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski who opened the conference pointed out computerisation of schools, subvention of students to buy computers and training of 40.000 citizens as most important IT projects.

Thanks to such projects besides achieving development and improvement of educational process, the IT market is increased by 63% compared to previous years.

- The most important project is providing a computer for every child. Secondary schools are equipped; primary schools remain to be equipped in full as well as laptops for teachers, Ivanovski said.

He also said that new specifically developed software tools adjusted to Macedonian educational contents and programmes will be purchased during next year.

He mentioned introduction of standardised computer tests in the following semester whereat 100.000 students will be connected with the central system in the Ministry of Information Society and answer the tests.

Ivanovski said that the second project for subvention of the students in buying PCs have been also successfully realised. - The government submitted 10.715 computer vouchers to faculties and by Tuesday morning over 6.300 vouchers were utilised.

USAID Mission Director Michael Fritz said that education is basis for growth and development of each country. - It is obvious that Macedonian system produces ICT experts needed for realisation of vision of e-society, Fritz said.

Professor Marjan Tusev said that students are burdened with too many facts and information and we must apply the real methods and ways aimed at offering sophisticated technology to deal with curriculum.