Minister Ivanovski presented first school completely supplied with computers

Skopje, 07 of April 2008

The Government solemnly inaugurated the project “Computer for every child” in the first completely computerized secondary school in Macedonia today- the road traffic center RTSC “Boro Petrusevski” in Skopje, one of three schools that were given first donation with equipments of action.

RTSC has 1.110 students and received 900 computers, distributed by 34 in 23 cabinets.
The classrooms are equipped with new desks, provided with the finances which were allocated to all secondary school last year, in the amount of 3000 euro.

- Till the end of august this year all 93 secondary schools will be completely equipped with computers and network, and 365 primary schools will get 5 to 10 cabinets depending on the size of the school and the number of students, said Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski.

The project is being realized in partnership with “EVN-Macedonia”, which provides electricity from abroad, and with the holding company Macedonian telecommunications, which donated equipment for every classroom in all secondary schools.
The General Director of the holding company Macedonian telecommunications, Nikolaj Bakers, said that it was a pleasure to support a project that provides pupils an access to Internet and a connection with the world.

- The Government is on a good way, and Macedonian telecommunications are devoted to giving full support so that by first of September all schools are connected, said Bakers.

Minister Ivanovski announced that stuff training follows and that there are great deal of elaborated programs for different subjects. Until now, there are 200 computer science teachers trained in all secondary schools, and the best of them will instruct theirs colleagues at the schools.
The goal is that all subject obtain an electronic component which be more interactive and more exiting for the students by modernizing the teaching process with introducing audio, video and dynamics, thus becoming a tool between the student end the professor. The professor, on the other side, with the training he will get will be able to present the material from the books, which will not be neglected, in a much better and suitable way, stressed Ivanovski.

At the end of this year Government of Republic of Macedonia will decide about pupils from first to fourth department. Ivanovski said that Government considers possibilities to supply for him small laptops, because they can’t use these computers.