Business - forum “Macedonia-new economic miracle in Europe”

Washington, 06 of March 2008

Minister of Information Society Mr. Ivo Ivanovski will participate in the business-forum “Macedonia-new economic miracle in Europe” on the 7-th of Mart 2008 (Friday).

The vice president in Government of Republic of Macedonia ,Mr. Zoran Stavrevski, and the president and main executive director of “Nortel”, Mr. Majk Zafirovski, will be among the main presenters. The minister Gligor Tashkovich and the director of the Agency for foreign investments, Viktor Mizo, will take part as well.

On forum, the vice president Stavreski and Majk Zafirovski will present economic policies and reforms, in the Republic of Macedonia, that are directed toward improving the business environment and attracting American investors. It is expect that the forum is attended by more than 100 representatives of powerful American companies, and companies from the Fortune 500 list as well. The forum will be attended by members of American nongovernmental organizations, international financial institutions, mediums, politicians and lobby circles from the USA.

The forum is a great opportunity for promotion of the Republic of Macedonia before the American public as stable and prosperous country, which is very important for the following NATO Summit in Buckhurst on which we expect to receive invitation for membership.    

We invite the press.

Washington, 06.03.2008