Republic of Macedonia

Government of Republic of Macedonia

As a part of the campaign “Macedonia- country of computer scientists” the Government of the Republic of Macedonia provides free training for work with computers, for all interested citizens.
Free training will include the MS Office package and work with Internet programs, and will be taught in both Macedonian and Albanian.
The citizens who will successfully finish the training will receive a certificate.
To that end, the Government invites all interested citizens to apply for the training by submitting the following information:

  • Name and surname,

  • Social security number

  • Permanent Address

  • Contact telephone

All interested citizens can apply on the following address: General Secretariat of the Government of Republic of Macedonia, boulevard “Ilindenska”, no number, Skopje, with designated: “FREE LESSONS ” or to the e-mail address: besplatnapbuka@gs.gov.mk, till 31.03.2008 at the latest, or on the telephone number 0800 22222 every working day till 16.30h.
All citizens who will show interest will be included at free training, and will be subsequently informed of the time, place and way of conducting the training.