National Information Society Council holds first session

Skopje, March 18th 2009

The newly-established National Information Society Council, which aims to improve IT conditions in Macedonia, held its first constitutive session on Wednesday.

In accordance with Government's decision to form the council and with the national strategies for information society, electronic communications and information technologies, the Council is an independent body comprised of representatives of state institutions, the private and civil sector, who variously contribute to the development of information society.

- The National Council is established in order to enable accessible communication amongst all factors in the sphere to give guidelines, suggestions and possible solutions to the Government for information society development in Macedonia, Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski told the press on Wednesday.

He added that Council members will discuss and review projects developed by the Government, which are part of the strategies for IT growth, put forward measures on improving the climate for the development of Macedonian firms and attraction of foreign investments.

As Ivanovski pointed out, today's session focused on the current situation, ongoing projects under the auspices of the Information Society Ministry and future projects.