Deputy Minister for Information Society Mirjana Sekulovska, PhD, in one day visit to Republic of Slovenia

Ljubljana, March 26th 2009

Considering the bilateral contribution between Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Macedonia, today the Deputy Minister of Information Society Sekulovska is at the working visit of the Ministry of Public Administration of Slovenia and at the visit of the Public Institution ARNES.


During the visit the Deputy Minister had meetings with high officials from the Ministry of Public Administration and at these meetings many Slovenian experiences and issues about building the Information Society were presented.

During the meeting in ARNES, Deputy Minister Mirjana Sekulovska was changing opinions with Marko Bonac, Head of ARNES about the organization and function of the science and research network and her development.


Deputy Minister together with the government delegation also was guest at the business dinner which was provided by the Ministry of Public Administration and on this dinner high representatives from MPA and ARNES also were present.