E-services for citizens

Display of topographic maps and airplane photos
Search in municipalities and populated places and a review of topographic maps in a scale of 1:1.000.000 to 1:25.000, as well as ortho–photo maps of Skopje and Prilep in a scale of 1:1000.
E-insight in the property certificate
Access and insight in the database of the cadastre of immovable properties, founded for the cadastre municipalities authorized by the Sector of the cadastre of immovable properties – Skopje.


Review of cadastre data
24 hours insight of the data in the property certificate without displaying the content on burdens, notes and limitations.


Student and pupil benefits
Accommodation of students in student complexes, applications for pupil scholarships, student loans and student scholarships.
Electronic studying
Free electronic courses related with the introduction to the
Electronic testing
Electronic testing on the students of the institute of informatics.
Job searching
Intermediating electronic services for the employers and individuals searching for a job.