New original Macedonian fonts available to the citizens free of charge

Skopje, September 30th 2009

The Ministry of Information Society prepared 81 original Macedonian fonts for the needs of the citizens and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. 40 of them are to be used by the Government and 41 percent by the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

The new fonts which can be downloaded from the web-site of the Ministry, free of charge enable appropriate use of the Macedonian alphabet and the Macedonian Cyrillic letters in the information technology. Each of the fonts also supports writing in about 40 of the world languages.


- Until now, in their everyday work, the Macedonian citizens were compelled to use characters from the Bulgarian and Russian alphabets when using the existing Macedonian Cyrillic fonts. In this process, problems occurred in the text when using the italic letters: г, д, к, п, т. They abberated from the standard form of our Cyrillic alphabet and this destroyed the legibility and the graphic layout of the texts, the Minister of Information Society, Ivo Ivanovski said at today’s presentation of the new fonts.

 He pointed out that the fonts are adjusted to all the operating systems and are designed to be identical for each operating system. At the same time, all the citizens who have not installed them will also be able to read them, regardless of which font they are working with.


-The fonts are composed of 57,725 characters, and 1,066,360 kerning pairs. The fundamental symbols of the Government – the national emblem and the flag are also integrated in them, as well as other general symbols used in the daily process of visual communication. They are designated for general use with the purpose of promoting and preserving the essential characteristics of the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet as one of the basic values of the Macedonian identity, Ivanovski said.


The Minister of Information Society specified that the numbers and letters are the same in all the fonts, and that the sole difference between those which are to be used by the Government and the others meant for the citizens, is that the former contain more characteristics on the national emblem and archive signs.
When asked whether the introduction of the new fonts will sanction the use of the foreign fonts, Minister Ivanovski said this it will not occur, and added that some private companies had already been creating their own Macedonian Cyrillic fonts, but that they had not made them available for general use of the citizens.