Boston University postgraduate studies in Information Technologies in Macedonia next year

Skopje, October 02nd 2009

The Boston University, the fourth biggest in size private university in the USA and among the 50 leading universities in the world, will open a programme for postgraduate studies in the area of information technologies starting from 25th January 2010, for the first time in Macedonia. The Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski attended the grand ceremony. The Minister underlined that the curriculum has been created according to USA’s market economy.

-This means that the postgraduate students from this University will be equipped with knowledge for the future. It would be a renowned Degree, and its weight opens quite a lot of doors, Ivanovski said.
The lectures, assessments, and the entire educational system will be solely performed by Boston University professors on-line, as well as through their visits to Macedonia. The students will be provided with the same treatment and conditions as their colleagues in the USA. The Degree awarded to the future Macedonian Masters of Sciences will be identical and equally valued as the Degrees of the postgraduate students of the Boston University. They will also have the opportunity to spend part of their education at this American University.
Premier Gruevski emphasized the Government’s vision – Macedonia to become a regional Information and Telecommunication center, which would have positive impact on the development of the Macedonian economy.

-This is an excellent opportunity for all the interested information engineers from the country and the region to obtain the title of Master of Science in Computer Information Systems of the Boston University, and it will also act as an immense incentive in the enhancement of the competition in our higher education and the production of better quality and more developed educational programmes, Gruevski said.

The post-graduate studies were presented by Ljubomir Chitkushev, Professor at the Boston University, who is an expert in the area of cyber-crime, emphasizing that all the academic standards will be proportionate to those of Boston.

-The decision to offer Degrees from a University abroad is a great obligation. The Boston University has implemented its academic principles in all its ongoing activities and transatlantic ventures, including the one in Macedonia that we are starting with today, Chitkushev said.

The Boston University was founded in 1839 and was the first one to open all its departments for women-students and to students from all religions and races. There are 33,000 students enrolled at 4,000 faculties. 300,000 graduates have obtained their education there, as well as 45,000 foreign students from 153 countries. Martin Luther King, the winner of the Nobel Prize was among them, and currently there are four Nobel-Prize winning Professors teaching there.