Intel Memoranda for electronic educational content and teacher training

Skopje, October 06th 2009

The Information Technology Corporation Intel and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia have signed two cooperation memoranda for enhancement of the electronic learning in the schools in Macedonia – a Memorandum for donation of electronic content from the first grade to the fourth year, amounting to 15 million USD, and the Memorandum for training of class teachers for work with portable computes for the students from first to third grade.

The memoranda were signed by the Ministers of Information Society and Education and Science, Ivo Ivanovski and Nikola Todorov, with the Vice-President of Intel, John Davies, who had previously had a meeting on this occasion with Premier Nikola Gruevski as well.


Intel’s donation includes locally-adapted and licensed materials, training of a thousand teachers who are to integrate the technology into the curriculum, providing guides for the professors and qualifying of master-lecturers for implementation of the programme all over Macedonia.


The training of teachers and the programme objectives of the content of the materials have been created in line with the Government’s announced plans for use of school computers. So far the development and use of 53,000 schools computers equipped by Intel is under way, which would enable computer access to all the pupils in primary schools from the first to the third grade.
The teachers of the first to the eight graders will use 22,000 portable computers. It is expected for the implementation of the schools computers to be finished by January, thus making them an integral part of the daily curriculums. The teacher training will start simultaneously.


After the signing of the memoranda, Minister Ivanovski said that the donation enables the implementation of modern electronic content such as that used in the developed Western countries.


-In this way we fill another blank of the project ‘Computer for Every Child’. The initiative of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the contract signed last year in California was formalized today, and the Republic of Macedonia gets e-content worth 15 million USD for four curriculums – mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology, which are being implemented in USA, Great Britain, Russia and the Near East, Ivanovski said.

The investment was also greeted by the Minister of Education and Science Nikola Todorov, who pointed out that it would raise the quality of the education in Macedonia.


 - High quality education is among the essential pillars of the sustainable economic development of the country. That is why the Government and the Ministry of Education and Science will continue to dedicatedly work on the development and improvement of education in order for us to achieve economy based on knowledge and technological progress, Todorov said. 

The Vice President of the world corporation, John Davies pointed out that Macedonia moves rapidly in the process of implementation of programmes for education of children and youth.

-This is great commitment. In this way would are going to become the region’s leader, you will build the capabilities of the young generations and give an example of which direction the education is supposed to take, the Vice President of Intel, John Davies said.