Announcement for the E- learning International Summit

Porto, November 11th 2009

The E- learning International Summit, organized by Intel was held on 10th and 11th of November in Porto, Portugal. As one if the leaders in IT industry, Intel has the aim to encourage educational development in countries around the world, by directing its resources in technology and program development, which promotes educational environment.

From 40 present states, Macedonia was represented as one of the most successful in implementing educational reforms and application of information and communication technologies. Minister Ivo Ivanovski introduced the project “A computer for every child” to the participants and informed them about the reforms made in the educational system.
“… The question for capable and educated working force is always a priority. The educational system is the field where Macedonia made greatest achievements and reforms, emphasized Ivanovski in his addressing to the participants. 

Minister Ivanovski, in his addressing to the participants, besides the presentation of the concept for Macedonian educational system modernization, which consist in providing a computer for every child and professor, educational tools and trainings for the teaching stuff, stressed the Macedonian’s Government commitments in allocating and raising initiatives to attract investments from numerous world companies. The latest World Bank’s „Doing Business report“ is a result of these commitments, where Macedonia is placed as a one of the top three countries with major reforms implemented.

During the two day visit, minister Ivanovski had a meeting with Intel’s management team. They discussed about current collaboration, as well as other future plans, such as opening an Intel’s development and research centre in Macedonia, entry of Intel’s capital in domestic IT companies and collaboration between Intel and the University of Information Technology in Ohrid.


Within the visit, bilateral meetings will be realized with several delegations: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Republic of South Africa.