Announcement for the Ministerial e-Government conference held in Malme, Sweden

Skopje, November 20th 2009

On the invitation from the Swedish presidency and the European Commission, the minister of information society, M.Sc Ivo Ivanovski attended the fifth Ministerial e-Government conference held in Malme, Sweden.

High officials (ministers, vice ministers and deputy ministers) from over 33 EU state members and EU candidate states members attended the ministerial meeting. Representatives from the states invited reviewed the ministerial e-Government Declaration and committed to increase mutual cooperation in the period from 2011 to 2015.
All 34 states invited, agreed to direct their activities in: introducing electronic services, adjusted on the citizens’ needs; establishing major access to public information, major transparency and building an effective way to include all interested sides in the politic creation process. Mobility in the single European market will be enabled for citizens and business sector. In that way, they can incorporate business, they can study, work, have residence and retire.

The Declaration was unanimously adopted by representatives from the states invited. Macedonia, together with Turkey and Croatia, as serious EU candidate states members had the honor to participate in an equal way as the EU member states, by giving opinions and observations regarding the issue, and contributing in Declaration’s voting and adopting.