Minister Ivanovski visited the new established University of information technology in Ohrid

Ohrid, November 23th 2009

The Minister of information society, Ivo Ivanovski today met the students and the professors form the new established University for information technology in Ohrid.
- The purpose of this visit is to meet the students and the teachers, to follow the progress of the process, if necessary to intervene in time; all this with one aim to help the University to grow into an elite educational institution, which will generate highly educated professionals with prestigious diploma, recognized and respected not only in Macedonia, Minister Ivanovski said. 

He added that by the end of this year the instruction should be transferred in new lecture halls which, in the moment are being reconstructed. A bigger project, which includes construction of super modern university campus with latest infrastructural solutions (sport halls, student dormitories, and equipped lecture halls) will be realized. Its implementation is expected to be launched next year.


It is a big investment. Our main intention is quality. The university is predicted to be super modern, and that requires a little more time. The principle cause for the formation of the University of Information Technology was the deficit of information technologists in all over the world, as well as in Macedonia, the minister recalled. The professionals who will emerge from this university will be fully furnished with knowledge and will be ready to fit in the world of economy. In the same time, they will contribute to further country’s economic growth, minister Ivanovski added.


For the first period, the University of Information Technology will be situated in the former building of the Army of Republic of Macedonia in Ohrid. The reconstruction of the building is in progress. 125 students in the beginning are foreseen to study in the new formed Faulty. They will learn by contemporary teaching programs and will have large number of professors-experts in informatics from abroad.