New laboratories for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Skopje, December 01st 2009

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) in Skopje will receive 21 new laboratories for further improvement of students’ practical knowledge, the Minister of information society announced on today’s visit to the FEE. A part of the laboratories will be provided by the end of this, while the rest, by the end of next year.

- The practical knowledge for the students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is quite applicable. By inaugurating new laboratories, students’ practice will approve, Minister of information society evaluated. He also recalled that the private sector constantly appeals for improvement of students’ practice, so they could be useful working professionals.

Macedonia needs capable and young professionals, who will be directly involved in economy, will contribute to its development and will be able to convey the knowledge acquired during university’s study, said Ivanovski.


Minister Ivanovski, in his lecture held in front of the students from FEE, entitled “The effect of internet of world’s development” pointed out the importance of practical knowledge.

- The aim is to familiarize the students how the world changed with the utilization of internet, beginning from 1969 until present time, which are those changes and revolutions achieved, and to motivate them to be educated and to upgrade constantly their knowledge, the Minister of information society stated during his visit to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.