Soon: more articles in Macedonian on Wikipedia

Skopje, December 24th 2009

The internet contents in Macedonian are from a particular importance for Macedonian citizens, especially for those who don’t have knowledge of foreign languages. Wikipedia, as the fastest growing, one of the biggest electronic encyclopedias and in the same time, one of the most influential internet sites, has emerged as a serious source of knowledge and information for citizens.

Currently, there are around 37 000 articles in Macedonian on Wikipedia which isn’t much, compared to other country neighbors. As an example, our northern neighbor, Serbia has almost three times more articles then we do, or precisely over 98 000, and in this moment is the country leader on the Balkans. In the rank, behind us are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, with around 28 000 and Albania, with 24 000 articles. Croatia is represented with over 70 000, Greece - over 45 000, Slovenia - over 80 000 and Bulgaria with around 82 000 articles.

Therefore, the Ministry of information society initiated a Project to increase the number of Macedonian articles on Wikipedia. The aim of this project is also to stimulate the awareness for constant creation of new contents.
To realize this idea, the Ministry of information society formed a working group for this project. The group consists in representatives from the Faculties of Philology in Macedonia, as well as representatives from other Faculties and institutions, which can contribute in the project’s realization.

With that purpose, the Minister of information society Ivo Ivanovski, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” from the University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius”, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology “Goce Delcev” from Stip, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology science from the FON University, the Dean of the Faculty for foreign languages from the American Colleague-Skopje and the Dean of the Faculty of natural science and mathematics from the University in Skopje, signed a Memorandum for cooperation and understanding.

The Faculties will work on encouraging the students to create large number of articles on Wikipedia. Students will be working under jurisdiction of the working group, composed of experts from educational institutions who participated in Memorandum’s signing.

A web location is made. Students can access and choose topics to work on. On the same web location, instructions for proper text preparation and placement on Wikipedia can be found.