A project for faster and efficient data exchange between state institutions

Skopje, January 21th 2010     

By connecting state institutions in an interoperability system, data exchange between them will be faster and more efficient. For the system implementation, the Ministry of information society signed today an Agreement with the IT Company “Vista”.

This is a project for interconnection and data base and register use between state organs and institutions, which includes Customs Administration, Ministry for internal affairs, Central Registry, Public Revenue Administration and Cadastre in the pilot phase.

- Those five institutions within six months will be connected. That will accelerate the mutual information exchange and there will be no errors and data duplications, the Minister of information society Ivo Ivanovski pointed on the pres conference, after signing the Agreement.

According to the Minister, with the interoperability system, in the advanced stage of this project, the foundations of a new chapter in e-Government will be placed. The service efficiency for the citizens will increase, because they will spend less money. Data exchange between institutions using USB and CDs will become past and there will be no need for couriers.
Indicating examples, the Minister of information society suggested that if the Public Revenue Administration needs three days to issue a property sheet from the Cadastre, using the interoperability system, that service becomes available only in a few seconds.

Once the six months pilot-project is finished, it will be also implemented in other institutions.
According to Ivanovski, business inclusion will be allowed for further project development, primarily the banking, telecommunication and insurance sector. To enable the mutual data exchange between institutions, the Law on e-Governance is already adopted. It regulates the activities of state organs and institutions in working with electronic documents, submitting administrative electronic services and mutual electronic documents and data exchange.

It is legally regulated which institution has the right to preserve data and make them available on the request form another institution.

The project is realized by the company “Vista” and costs 49 million denars. The company’s service was chosen on a public procurement auction.