ICT teaching improvement trainings for teachers in primary education

Skopje, February 19th 2010     

Today, the 19th of February (Friday) at 12h, the Minister of information society M.Sc Ivo Ivanovski attended the ICT teaching improvement trainings for teachers in primary education.

These trainings are intended for students’ teams for technical support, which include technical maintenance for slim clients, Intel Classmate PCs and Edubuntu operational system. 
Trainings are held in the period form the 17 - 19th February, in hotel Balzac in Skopje. The purpose of this trainings is to prepare 20 master instructors from the territory of Republic of Macedonia for the use of Lunux moduls, as a result of which students’ teams for technical support, will be enabled to actively participate in the preventive maintenance of the new computer infrastructure in schools.


The material presented on the trainings is contained in the Manual for students’ teams for technical support – Linux module, which will be soon available in electronic form for all Macedonian students.
During the next couple of months, master instructors will train two teachers from every elementary school, whose main goal will be coordination and work organization of students’ teams for technical support.

During this school year, over 5 000 students are expected to be included in the program.
An innovative corner was set and in the lecture halls where trainings were held. Education tools were also presented, which are aimed to pupils from earliest age.
Minister Ivanovski met the teachers and discussed about the course of the trainings.

Alexander Woods, Director of the Education office in USAID, also assisted on the event.