Electronic interconnection of the institutions

Skopje, March 18th 2010

Interoperability is one the most significant Government projects for information society development. That is the way how state institutions will communicate between each other, with the purpose to eliminate administrative barriers, as well as to establish a communication link, through which they will exchange data and be more effective, transparent and responsible in front of the citizens.


This was stated by the Minister of information society Mr. Ivo Ivanovski, after the addressing on the round table discussion “Interoperability offers a choice, stimulates innovations and creates possibilities”, organized by Microsoft Macedonia. 


According to him, the interoperability is very important for both, the state and the public sector, and with the interconnection of registers, a new economic branch opens an opportunity for Macedonian companies to build electronic services.


Mr. Ivanovski informed that last year the Ministry started the realization of a pilot-project for connection of Customs administration, National real estate agency, Ministry of Internal Affaires, Central Registry and the Public Revenue Office.
- After establishing the communication link by these institutions, other will be added. Like in the developed western European countries, in Macedonia, citizens will refer to a state institution only by submitting their ID number, or a document for personal identification, and their request will be generated automatically, explained Ivanovski.
The executive director of Microsoft Macedonia, Ilijanco Gagovski, considers that institutions have an increasing need to communicate with each other, suggesting that interoperability became essential category.


- Interoperability has emerged as a key factor for systems’ functioning, as we envisaged, with no problems in data communication, a practical and transparent way, added Gagovski. The Government recently approved the National Strategy 2010 – 2012, that included several projects related to electronic services.