Macedonia on 51st place in information society development from 158 countries

Skopje, March 25th 2010

Macedonia has advanced for 12 positions on the list of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in information society development. In the latest report “Information Society Measuring “, for the period from 2007 and 2008, Macedonia is ranked on the 51st position out of 159 countries. The overall assessment of Macedonia from 3:40 in 2007, has improved to 4:32 in 2008.


This data was released today at the press conference of the Minister of Information Society, Ivo Ivanovski, who also evaluated that it was a great progress for Macedonia in information society development, verified by an international institution with the greatest credibility.


Macedonia has the greatest progress of all assessed countries, by moving up for 17 positions, respectively from the 67th to the 50th position, in the chapter in which penetration of fixed and mobile telephone lines is assessed, as well as international range per user and the percentage of households with computers and Internet access. An improvement of eight positions from 57th to 49th, was noticed in the penetration of Internet users, fixed-line and broadband Internet.


From the countries in the region, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro are situated before Macedonia on the list, but their progress, as Ivanovski suggested is much smaller; Montenegro, contrary to us, has seen a move up to three places, Bulgaria remained at the same level, while Croatia and Greece moved up for one place. Below on the list, after Macedonia are ranked Bosnia, Turkey, Serbia and Albania.


According to Minister Ivanovski, in the section of the ITU report on Macedonia's progress, great attention is paid on improving the ICT infrastructure, e-Government projects, e-education, and work force.


- The efforts put in ICT infrastructure and access brought a significant progress, especially the improvements in the area of broadband internet in the country are impressive, said the Minister of Information society.


He expects that the report on ITU for 2009 will be with even better results, because in 2009, more projects were implemented and the percentage of use of computers was 51, while of the internet households, over 41.


- With the investments that we make in the ICT field, the continuous liberalization of the telecommunication market, installation of Internet kiosks in rural environments and introducing more electronic services, Macedonia will continue the progress of information society development, stressed Ivanovski.


The ITU Report highlights key trends on global, local and national level, shows the countries that have the best results in information society development and identifies the major media changes.