Promotion of 16 titles of translated books in the ICT field

Skopje, April 15th 2010

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, together with the Ministers of Information Society and Education and Science, Ivo Ivanovski and Nikola Todorov, attended today the promotion of the 16 titles of translated books in the ICT field. The titles are a part of the Government project for “Translation of 500 professional, scientific books and textbooks which are used in the top and most respected universities in the Ui.S. and England, and in the area of law studies in France and Germany”.


 At the today's 17th promotion, 16 new titles from the field of information science were presented, and in the next period, translation of another 35 pieces of this topic is expected. The books will be used starting from this year, and so far, 308 books from the government project have been printed and translated.

 Minister Ivanovski said that the books are selected in collaboration with all state and private faculties in the country, and they are being used in the world’s most respected education institutions.


- In Macedonia, there was a lack of translated professional literature. Exactly that is one of the priorities of the Government and that is to preserve the Macedonian language in the professional terminology, added Ivanovski. 


Dynamic in science allows a growing number of its top moderators, books and literature that are offered to young people in secondary and higher education. To be familiar with the contemporary knowledge in this area today is a real wealth and a great chance for young people and our country, Prime Minister Gruevski said and stressed that such access will allow to each student to expand the scope of knowledge and reach easily in the foreign literature.


He pointed out that was in fact the idea when the Government started the project of the translation of 500 professional, scientific books and textbooks. The Prime Minister announced that a procedure for translation of 500 additional books and textbooks in the coming years was initiated, among which 50 titles in the field of information technology.