Web portal for electronic textbooks promoted

Skopje, April 21st 2010

The Ministers of Information Society and Education and Science, Ivo Ivanovski and Nikola Todorov, today at the "Goce Delchev" elementary school, promoted the web portal e-ucebnici.mk, that published digitally the textbooks which can be searched by grades, titles or authors.


 Electronic publications allow students to surmount the curriculum, in any time and place, in an innovative and exciting way, while teachers using information technology can prepare and present them. Currently, about 60 textbooks are placed, from which mostly are electronic versions of the textbooks for the fourth and seventh grade, while in the future, the portal will be supplemented with new contents.


The new project is aimed to improve the educational system in Macedonia and allows students to learn the material in a modern and more sophisticated way. By making this web site available, all textbooks in electronic (PDF) format, that are currently in possess by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Information Society processed them and set a super modern web portal where not only students, but all citizens can monitor the contents from anywhere in the world, said Ivanovski.
Electronic textbooks will not replace printed textbooks.


 - The goal is to provide textbooks in electronic format, but the significance of printed books is enormous and in the future we will continue doing it. This is just an extra opportunity for more quality in learning, Todorov stated.
He informed that today he has signed the selected textbooks for fifth and eighth grade according to the new program. He also announced that all schools have submitted their needs for books in 2010/2011 and that by the 15th of August, the Ministry of Education and Science will be obligated to procure and distribute them.


- Our goal this year is not to have an insufficiency of textbooks.  The problem with the secondary vocational schools still remains, where there was a lack of 534 textbooks. The announcement is still current, and so far we have about 150 textbooks. We hope that textbooks will be available for students from secondary vocational schools and that next year we would not have this problem, the Minister of Education and Science added. Due to the professional public comments about the content in some textbooks, revision teams from the Ministry of Education and Science are reviewing them. Todorov made a decision to withdraw the seventh grade chemistry textbook.