Work meeting of Minister Ivanovski and the Director of the Public Revenue Office Goran Trajkovski, about the e-Document project

Skopje, April 28th 2010

One of the major priorities of the Government of Republic of Macedonia is to increase the quality of administrative services. In context of reducing administrative barriers, a problem was identified, which was underdeveloped internal communication between state institutions for documents and data exchange, that could be utilized to improve the services to citizens and companies. Namely, citizens and companies are facing heavy burdens, because it is necessary to visit several institutions and to collect data and documents to achieve particular service.


The e-Documents project indicates a solution that would introduce legal, organizational and technical measures to implement a system that would provide electronic and secure document exchange between public institutions following their authorities. In practice, when citizens or companies address to an institution for any service, the same institution should require all necessary documents from other institutions electronically. 


In the initial phase of the implementation of the project “Interconnection and data base and register use between state organs and institutions”, the e-Documents project represents a successive complementation and realization of the whole concept of state institution interoperability, according to the introduced Law on electronic governance and the regulations deriving from it.


 In the first phase of the project, which took place over the past several months, a detailed analysis of administrative proceedings in state institutions was conducted. The procedures involve issuing documents and providing services to citizens / companies in more than 15 state institutions: Ministry of Interior Affairs, Employment Agency of Republic of Macedonia, Real Estate Cadastre Agency, Public Revenue Office, Registers Administration Department, Central Register of Republic of Macedonia, Primary Court Skopje I, Primary Court Skopje II, ZELS, Health Insurance Fund, Pension and disability insurance found, Public Procurement Bureau, Centers for Social Work, Notary Chamber, the City of Skopje, Municipality of Aerodrom, Administrative Court.


The purpose of the today's work meeting was examining the collected data and analysis made by the Ministry of Information Society about the situation in the Public Revenue Office, in fact about the documents and the data which the Public Revenue Office exchanges with other state institutions in the process of providing services to citizens. Until now, several potential data and documents exchange were identified that the PRO will perform with the Public Procurement Bureau, the city of Skopje, Ministry of Interior Affairs, the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre and the Central Registry.


The discussion was led around technical, legal and organizational possibilities for documents and data exchange and potential challenges (including legal problems) related to the exchange. From the discussion it was affirmed and concluded that by introducing the new e-Tax system, whose procurement is in progress, and is expected to be operational by the end of this year, electronic submission for most of the documents issued by the Public Revenue will be allowed (Certificates for paid taxes and contributions, Certificate for realized net income, etc..), as well as documents required from the citizens / companies (tax returns, receipts for transactions carried out, etc..), while all other electronic documents and data exchanges that won’t be covered by the new e-tax system, will be included in the e-Documents project.


This year, also the draft amendments to the existing legislation will follow, so that from a legal point of view, all electronic requirements will be provided, as well as submitting responses to citizens, companies and public institutions.