Significant meetings of Minister Ivo Ivanovski on the World Summit for Information Society in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland, May 13th 2010 

On the World Forum on Information Society ITU, which these days is held in Geneva, Switzerland, Minister Ivanovski, despite the introductory panel discussion on the first day, also participated on two panel discussions on e-Governance and the presentation of the new portal of Global Development Alliance for Information Society development for Millennium Goals in the United Nations.


Also, during the official visit to Geneva, Minister Ivo Ivanovski had several important meetings with the leadership of the International Telecommunication Union ITU. On the first meeting with the General Secretary Dr. Hamadoun Touré he discussed the involvement of Macedonia in the ITU, as well as the progress Macedonia has made in 2008-th year in the overall development of information society. Minister Ivanovski informed the General Secretary about the details of the Ministry’s of Information Society projects and about the Macedonian’s Government Program in the ICT area. Dr Touré sustained the commitment of the Government of Macedonia for investing in information society development, as a branch which has the largest positive impact on economic development.


The Macedonian delegation also held a meeting with the director for development of ITU, Mr. Sami Al Bashir, under whose jurisdictions are the Structural Funds for information society development in developing countries. Minister Ivanovski asked from Mr. Al Bashir greater support from the ITU for the smaller countries that have specific strategies for ICT development. Al Bashir gave a positive response and personal promise for more support and greater collaboration with Republic of Macedonia.


Yesterday, the Macedonian delegation visited CERN. The host of the visit was the Macedonian renowned scientist Dr. Zlatko Dimchovski who works at CERN for more than 40 years. The delegation visited the computer center, where the largest and most powerful super computer in the world is situated, as the largest database which is used in collyder of particles. During the visit, a closer cooperation between CERN and the Government of Republic of Macedonia was discussed, as a result of the last year signed Memorandum of understanding between the two institutions, connecting universities on Grid infrastructure and a possible donation of computer equipment from CERN to state universities.