In June, Macedonia will host the ICT education leaders conference

Skopje, May 18th 2010

Macedonia form the 7th through 9th of June will host the first conference for information-communication technologies in education. The conference will take place in Ohrid, in organization of the Ministry of information society, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science, and will be sponsored by Intel Corporation. The primary goal of the conference is to exchange experience and best practice in implementing ICT in education, and one of the main focuses will be representing the progress that Macedonia has made in the process of information society development.


The official opening ceremony will be on the 8th of June, and during the conference several panel discussions will be held on topics such as electronic contents, training, technical implementation and similar.   
Addressing of the Vice president of Intel John Davis on the conference is announced, and all ministries of information society from the Balkans, as well as from the Eastern European countries are invited.


According to the Minister of information society Ivo Ivanovski, this kind of a conference is of particular importance for the whole country.
Through this conference, many significant and influential individuals will have the opportunity to be familiar with the projects that Macedonian Government has realized, the possibilities offered by Macedonia, as well as reforms implemented in the country, Ivanovski said at the today’s press conference convened to mark the occasion.


In the report published last week about the proportionality student-computer, Macedonia with the proportion of 1, 4:1 is the leader in the region. Unlike countries in the region, primary and secondary schools in Macedonia have access to broadband internet, and together with Montenegro are the only countries where there are compulsory ICT teaching contents in all educational levels. Leader in the proportion student-computer 3:1 is Sweden. Intel Corporation has already organized similar conferences in various countries worldwide.