Electronic Cadastre launched

Skopje, May 29th 2010

Starting form today, the electronic system for Cadastre officially began operating which will enable faster and more efficient service to citizens.
E-Cadastre is currently available for the territory of the City of Skopje and in the near future, its implementation in other cities of the country is expected.
 The project cost approximately 320 thousand euros, funds that were provided from the budget of the Cadastre, and it was finished in almost two years. It is developed with the most sophisticated web technology from the company “Igea”.


The Minister of Information Society, Ivo Ivanovski, considers that the implementation of the electronic cadastre introduces greater transparency, efficiency and accountability of institutions in front of the citizens, and it also saves services users’ time.
 According to Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Vladimir Pesevski, by introducing the E – Cadastre, the data security will significantly increase and more efficient services to citizens will be provided.


The data reliability will be significantly enhanced because will the access to the database will be enabled in real time. In that way the functioning and the procedures in the Cadastre will be significantly accelerated, so we expect better service. This project is one of the key for creating an efficient business environment, particularly in the area of dealing with real estate and even for the whole construction sector, emphasized today Pesevski official presentation of the E-Cadastre.


He also added that with this, Macedonia becomes a second country after Slovenia, in the ex Yugoslavian republic that succeeded to make such a system operational.  
 The Director of the Real Estate Cadastre Agency, Ljupcho Georgievski expects that after 2 days not working with clients, because of preparations for launching the new electronic system, form Monday, the Skopje Cadastre will be normally in function.