Minister Ivanovski on a meeting with the Commission for broadband internet of ITU in Geneva

Skopje, July 9th 2010

The Minister of information society, Ivo Ivanovski on 11th of July will attend the first meeting of the Commission for broadband internet of the International telecommunication unit ITU in Geneva, under the auspices of the United Nations.
 The establishment of the Commission for broadband internet in 2010 comes five years after the first World Summit on the Information Society, and ten years after launching the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. Expanding broadband internet access in each country is a key way to accelerate the achievement of these goals by the end of 2015.  At a meeting of the Commission for broadband internet, practical ways will be defined of how through collaboration with civil and private sector, the realization of the defined goals will be achieved.


Specifically, the Commission for broadband internet aims to show that broadband networks:

  • have the same level of importance as road and electric networks;
  • are basic infrastructure in the modern society;
  • are unique and powerful tools to reach Millennium Development Goals;
  • are extremely effective and offer impressive return on investment for both developed and developing economies;
  • support all industrial sectors and increasingly are the foundation of public service and social progress;
  • have to be coordinated on national level by the Governments, in partnership with the industry for complete utilization of these powerful tools.  


The Chairman of the Commission is Mr. Carlos Slim, a Mexican tycoon, and between the commissioners are Sir Richard Branson Chairman of Virgin, Paul Otelini president of Intel, Caesar Alienta president of Telefonica, Dr. Vint Serf vice president of Google, Ben Vervajen president of Alcatel -Lucent, John Chambers Cisco president and other government officials from around the world, relevant industries, international agencies and organizations dealing with development.  


At the invitation of ITU General Secretary, d-r Hamadum Toure, this year, Minister Ivo Ivanovski became a part of this team.
More information on this commission as well as for its work can be found on the web location