Free ICT trainings for unemployed persons

Skopje, July 28th 2010

The Ministry of information society will help the private sector by offering 80 scholarships to unemployed persons for their further education in information and telecommunication sector. It is a pilot-project with the purpose to increase number of IT experts in the country. 

“We want to help the private sector by offering subventions for educating unemployed persons who wish to train themselves in information-communication technologies field. In fact, the Government will grant scholarships and give possibility to those persons to certify in certain branches which by the Ministry of information society, in collaboration with Macedonian ICT Chamber of Commerce were identified as most deficient for personnel”- Minister of information society, Ivo Ivanovski explained at yesterday’s press conference. 

 He stated that results prove the biggest deficit for programmers and software engineering, around 25% and for data bases designers, around 13%. The candidates’ selection will be performed by the National employment agency, on the basis of certain criteria, submitted by the Ministry of information society. If more candidates than predicted apply, additional testing will be conducted.
Provided that this pilot-project proves effective, an application to the IPA founds will be submitted, because this kind of stuff is necessary for the business community. 

“The project will help companies to obtain trained personnel. This move will find good response and enable rapid companies’ development”, the President of Macedonian ICT Chamber of Commerce, Goran Milenkovski said.

Starting from yesterday, until August the 24th, an announcement was published for selecting educational centers, certified for Microsoft and Cisco computer equipment maintaining, which will perform the trainings. Than follows the candidates’ selection, and afterwards two month training. It is expected that by 10th of December the whole project will be completed, and in the end, 80 certified ICT professionals will be obtained.

Note: In several print and electronic media a wrong interpretation appeared about the trainings for the 80 unemployed. Regarding to that, we would like to inform you that educational centers and persons that will attend trainings, will be selected by the end of August, by the National employment agency.    

Regarding candidates’ application, in the first half of August, announcement is planned to be published in newspapers and on the web location of the National employment agency. Following areas will be comprised in trainings: Java, .Net, CISCO Systems, Microsoft, (MSCA/MCSE), SAP, Oracle, while the exact number of trainings for each area will be specified in the announcement.
The right to apply will be delegated only to all unemployed.