Memorandum of cooperation for practical instruction in the filed of information and communication technologies

Skopje, September 16th 2010

The Ministry of information society and the five state universities in Macedonia signed today the Memorandum of cooperation for realizing practical instruction. With a decision form the Ministry of education and science, practical instruction is mandatory for students enrolled in the generation 2010/2011, and should last 30 days per year.

The Memorandum was signed by the Minister of information society Ivo Ivanovski, Rectors or representatives from public universities in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo, Stip and Ohrid, and the Dean from the Faculty of natural science and the Faculty of Electrical engineering and information technologies, from the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”.

- Memorandum’s purpose is to implement introduction of practical instruction in a simple way, according to the new Ministry’s of education and science law. The Ministry of information society proposed this initiative to all state universities, and the same will be done with all private universities. Thus, we open doors to all students who educate themselves in information and communication technologies filed to become part of information society development projects, carried out by the Government of Republic of Macedonia, explained Minister Ivanovski, after signing the Memorandum.
He noted that practical instruction will prepare students for simpler involvement in economy, after they graduate.

- Our students have excellent theoretical knowledge, but in the same time a lack of practical instruction. This will stimulate students to understand the material in question, but also will assist companies too, because it is in their very best interest. 
Rectors agreed that it was never too early to begin with practical instruction, because it was designed to complement theoretical knowledge.

- Along with teaching process, we should immediately proceed to practice. According to the theory, a man can say that he knows only things that he can practically prove, said Agron Reka, Tetovo’s State University Rector.

Mile Stankovski, the Dean of Faculty of Electrical engineering and information technologies, suggested that in the Faculty, they had one month practice, according to the legal obligation. They also have signed agreements of cooperation with large number of state and private companies from the filed, and it was assessed as a positive experience. A part of students, who frequented practice work in companies, remained even two to three months.

- In this moment, this is only expanding of possibilities for more practice work in business sector. The state has made what had to be done, allowed practice work during studying. Now, it is for the companies to do their move, to enable all that the law prescribes, and to find space for all students, said Stankovski.
According to him, a problem can be expected to emerge, especially at private companies that are not willing to accept students after finishing only the first year of university studies, because until now, they used to accept only students in the final year of studies.


- Considering the fact that one month practice is mandatory now, free places for all students should be offered, as well as Macedonian business sector should try to accept such a number of students, added Stankovski, the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical engineering and information technologies.