Project for implementing new electronic contents in education system

Stip, October 13th 2010

The Ministry of information society with the Education development bureau realized the project for implementing new electronic contents in educational system.  
The contents are Intel’s donation worth 12 million dollars. Such contents are utilized in highly developed western countries.

- These applications (intended for the subjects: mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry) will make available the same modern system, used in EU and other countries, for students in Macedonia- Ivo Ivanovski, the Minister of information society stated.
Teachers will have the key role in project’s realization. They will be able to perform video, audio or text presentations to students, using the “Computer for every child” project.


Macedonia is the first country to introduce such a system. Sweden was the leader with the proportion 3:1, while Macedonia already exceeds that proportion – stated Ivanovski.


The Education development bureau announced that starting from next year, training was planned for introducing digital contents for mother language, history and geographic.