Standards of human resource management

Skopje, February 21st 2011

The Ministry of information society and administration, supported by the project on Capacity building for EU integration, funded by the British Embassy (SPFRE Fund), is continuing the local training cycle for implementation of the Standards of human resource management. The trainings are intended for employees in departments of human resource management within the civil service as well as for inner leadership responsible for human resource development and planning within their institutions.


The standards as the topic of the training, whose application has been recommended by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, cover the best European practices in the following fields: (1) Mentoring and introductory training; (2) Absence from work management; (3) Nomination; (4) Communication; (5) Balanced success card; (6) Training need estimation; (7) Outgoing interview and (8) Career planning and development.


The trainings are conducted by trained educators from departments of human resource management within public institutions, who have gone through an educator training cycle. In the forthcoming period, these educators are to convey their expertise to representatives of other institutions, thus supporting the process of standard introduction in the rest of ministries and bodies. This will increase the circle of civil servants ready to apply international standards of human resource management as operational procedures, and thus contribute for improvement of the civil servants’ productivity and efficacy.