The Awards for Innovation I Teaching and Application of Technology Have Been Delivered Today

Skopje, March 30, 2011

The most creative teachers and schools in Macedonia that applied technologies and innovations in lecturing today have been awarded by the corporation Intel. The program that commenced in November 2010 included 400 teachers and 137 elementary schools, while nine teachers and eight schools from the same number of regions in the country have achieved award.

The first prize on national level achieved the elementary school “Ilinden” from Kriva Palanka and the teacher Dobri Janevski. He and his pupils were awarded with Classmate personal computer.


He emphasized that he works in a rural vicinity in the village Konopica from Kriva Palanka District, but he succeeded to approach the world to his pupils through computer operations and the application of contemporary technology. He took part on the competition through the project from the subject Society – creation of logo for their class with a help of the computer tools.

- We created digital products that could be used by the pupils, their parents, but also by my colleagues; they could learn and improve their work skillfulness in the class, Jovevski said.

Besides “Ilinden”, the award were presented to the elementary schools “Kiril i Metodij” from Kochani, “Kliment Ohridski” from Bitola, “Rilindija” from Tetovo,  “Vera Jocic” from Skopje, “Krste Misirkov” from Gevgelija, “Vanco Nikoleski” from Ohrid, and “Blaze Koneski” from Veles as well as to the teachers-innovators from the schools: “Braca Miladinovci” from Probistip, “Kole Kaninski” from Bitola, “Kiril i Metodij’ from Tetovo, “Kiril i Metodij” from Skopje, “Petar Pop Arsov” from Skopje, “Manus Turnovski” from Novo Selo, Kliment Ohridski” from Struga and “Dame Gruev” from Gradsko.


The awards were handed to the recipients by Ivo Ivanovski, minister of information society and administration and Andrija Jaukovic, representative agent of the corporation Intel.

Minister Ivanovski said that it is surprisingly positive respond of the  teachers’  that participated on the competition and that it is a result from the project  “Computer for Each Child” that during the period of  four years included supply with computers of the primary and secondary schools and laptops for teachers,  work stations, applications for Ei-contents …


It is a great pleasure when the future of Macedonia from an early age commences to use computers in everyday life. Through this investment, the Government invests in future of Macedonia, Ivanovski, said.

He informed that according to the last report of the UNO for proportion pupil – computer, the first rank belongs to Sweden from the list of the 20 developed countries in Europe and the proportion is three pupils to one computer.


Last year Macedonia became a leader of the world with a ratio 1,4 to one, said Ivanovski, pointing out that she is the leader in this region  because in Albania the ratio is 29, in Bosnia and Herzegovina 32, in Croatia 10, Serbia 26, Monte Negro 16, Kosovo 270.


- In regard to the region, the elementary and the secondary schools in Macedonia have access to a wide range internet…Macedonia and Monte Negro are unique countries in the region where there is compulsory education in the sphere of informatics and communications in all levels of education, added Ivanovski.