Visiting primary and high schools

13th October 2008

Deputy Minister of information society, Mirjana Sekulovska, PhD, visited municipality Resen on 13th October 2008.
Ai meeting was realized with the directors and the staff of the both primary schools in Resen where the subject of discussion was the implementation of the project “Computer for every child”.

Ai visit was also realized in the high school “Car Samoil”, where deputy minister, Sekulovska, together with the director and the present staff made a round thought the classrooms were computers have been installed.

During the visit in Resen’s schools a number of questions have been initiated related to the computer equipment and its maintenance, computer desks, education of the teachers etc.

Regarding the previous mentioned, the directors and the teacher’s staff have been informed that  very soon appropriate computer desks will be provide, that the teacher’s training for utilization of the computers and the digital content that are related to their subject, will soon begin  and that the Ministry of information society as well as the Government of Republic Macedonia will find appropriate solution for providing a security of the equipment and for the problem of maintenance of the equipment and technologies.

Deputy Minister, Sekulovska, also visited the free- of- charge internet club in Resen that is managed flawlessly and during the visit big number of visitors was detect. The visitors as well as the stuff hired in the internet club expressed their great gratification for this club and they stressed that the benefit of this project for the citizens is huge.