Work meeting with representatives of Stip Municipality

Stip, 18th March 2015

Within the implementation process of public administration reforms, Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, visited municipality of Stip. He had work meeting with the Mayor, Ilco Zahariev and representatives of public sector institutions in this municipality.


Minister, together with his team of experts, presented the most important segments of the new administrative laws, Law on administrative servants and Law on public sector employees. The implementation of new laws brings many positive changes; new jobs in the administration will be based on knowledge and skills, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and computer skills.The attendees were interested in topics related to their administrative work, including the job systematization, which needs functional and institutional analysis.


Over the last period, Minister Ivanovski and his deputy Arsovska Tomovska held meetings with representatives of several municipalities in the country, discussing new administrative laws aimed at creating a modern and service oriented public administration.





Ministry of Information Society and Administration