Deputy Minister Mucunski addresses at the opening of 'Code App, Level Up 3'

Skopje, 29th of February 2016

Deputy Minister of Information society and administration Timco Mucunski addressed at the official opening of the 'Code App, Level Up 3'- a seminar and international practical workshop. From February 29th to March 5th, participants from Macedonia will be able to share ideas and knowledge with students from all around Europe.

A workshop on web service development, hosted by the EESTEC LC Skopje and the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FINKI), is aimed at guiding young students of information technology towards this perspective IT branch. Noting that such events are crucial in defining the professional future of students, Mucunski pointed out: "Knowledge in the ICT field can be gained in our country, especially after opening a number of new faculties and study programs developed within faculties".


"The efforts being made in creating professional and skilled ICT cadres in the Republic of Macedonia are obvious, since our country is already put on the world map as ICT developed nation; The ICT sector makes an important contribution to the overall development of the Macedonian economy and society", Mucunski said.


The 'Code App, Level Up 3' gives quality trainings in two areas: Designing web services (front-end) and Developing web services (back-end), delivered by domestic and foreign experts, professors of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, as well as professionals from various IT companies.






Ministry of Information Society and Administration