Job and Career Fair - “Contact 2016”

Skopje, 4th of April 2016

Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska addressed at the opening of the Job and Career Fair - “Contact 2016” organized by students' parliaments of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEIT), and Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (FINKI). The three day event aims to connect employers with students by providing direct promotion of companies and presentation of student’s experience and knowledge.


Arsovska Tomovska said that this fair was a unique opportunity for students to take the first steps towards building professional career, particularly as they will have the chance to obtain training for free on writing professional CV and motivation letter, to participate in the employment interview simulations, etc. Referring to the fact, that there is an increasing demand for technical staff in the Republic of Macedonia, Minister Arsovska Tomovska highlighted the measures taken by the Government in order to reduce the deficit of cadres in this field.


”We've introduced the subject 'Computing and basics of programming' in the third grade where students learn algorithmic thinking; Also, we’re planning to open specialized secondary school in informatics; we’ve already increased the number of faculties of Information Technology and we’re planning to increase enrollment quotas and also the number of teaching and associate staff in those departments", Arsovska Tomovska said. Moreover, plans are being made for opening specialized Informatics engineering studies.






Ministry of Information Society and Administration