Official awarding licenses for inspectors

Skopje, 19th May 2016


Deputy Minister for information society and administration Timcho Mutsunski addressed at the official awarding of the first licenses for inspectors in the Republic of Macedonia, organized by the Inspection Council of the Republic of Macedonia.


Mutsunski pointed out that the inspection services contributed for consistent implementation of the positive regulations in the country, which means protection of the rule of law, citizens’ rights, as well as protection of people’s life and health, market competition and fiscal interests of the Republic of Macedonia.


“Introduction of inspector licenses is a novelty provided by the Law on Inspection Supervision. Familiarity with the general administrative procedure, inspection and infringement procedure, as well as the special procedure in the field of inspection service, are the basic and key preconditions for any inspector who, by passing the exam, proves and demonstrates his professional competence”, said Mutsunski.


Ilinka Kjoseva, Acting President of the Inspection Council, also addressed the audience and expressed her appreciation to the Ministry for the successful and fruitful cooperation, because the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) adopted all bylaws stemming from the Law on Inspection Supervision in due time, among which are the regulations for inspector exam conduction.


The inspector exam was successfully passed by 1.040 candidates. The inspector licensing, that is the inspector exam, has been introduced for the first time in the Republic of Macedonia and it is an important segment of the inspection system reform.




Ministry of Information Society and Administration