Arsovska Tomovska participated in the Ministerial meeting “Digital Transformation in the region of the Western Balkans”

Bled, 5th of September 2016

A Ministerial meeting of the Western Balkans region- ’Implementation environment for efficient digital transformation of society: the role of the state’ was held today in Bled, Slovenia, within the 11-th Strategic Forum. Addressing at the event, Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska pointed out that Digital Transformation is not just about applying technology but also a strategic commitment and a committed leadership.


Arsovska Tomovska elaborated on the main strategic objectives in the field of Digital Transformation; She presented the successful functional solutions and amendments to ensure smooth transition to digitalization,current digital transformation projects and the building blocks for a successful transformation. Minister specifically referred to developing competent human resources professionals, either as users or providers of services, as well as the importance of the state as an enabler, not only a provider of public services.


The presentations of other participating countries revealed common visions for Cloud & Big Data, Digital Ecosystem & Smart City and Open Data. The challenge to define a map of the digital world was also evident as a common vision. At the end of the meeting, conclusions on mutual cooperation in the field of Digital Transformation were adopted.







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